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Ursula Sabisch, Rübenkoppel 1, 23564 Lübeck, Germany

To all SAT Addresses

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To all Present Responsible Persons

Millionaires, Multimillionaires and Billionaires

The German-language document you may find here!

Luebeck, 2008, October 9th

Rough but Fair


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Editors and Journalists,

Today (Donnerstag = Thunder day) is Thursday again; it is the day to thunder a little bit around what is not actual exclusively my task.

Yesterday the TV programme “Adventure Knowledge” (Abenteuer Wissen) was sent at ZDF at 22:15 h with the topic” Race around the daily bread”.

Just by chance I watched the TV programme.

For whom do you actually send this TV programme as scientifically interested persons?

For whom do you do that and why ?

Now hereby I will make you clear that you and people like you are going to understand by what means you do earn your money!

The content of this TV programme was highly valuable, as valuable that hardly the content can be numbered and also the knowledge that is behind it!

And now it goes up:

You feed with the pictures and comments from the poor and poorest areas of earth a full eaten sick nation that already requires these pictures and also these alarming terror news for a long time.

The sad truth looks like that and not differently!

As scientists and participants of such TV programmes you know that there are solutions for the connections with chain reactions but immediately after finishing one TV programme you turn to the next item, since it is apparently profitable for you, because the ratings are presumably high enough at least to fill the evening hours in this way!

Also you as TV presenters or visitors, especially of the TV programme “Abroad Journal XXL” (Auslandsjournal XXL), demonstrated a comprehensive report and a complete presentation about topics, which determine the existence of other people!

This then happens at 22:45 h and 3:10 h presumably mainly for people who cannot fall asleep!!!

You have distributed reporters and journalists abroad and into danger zones, for example to Afghanistan, who risk their lives and their health in order to demonstrate these TV programmes!

Come up to yourselves at last ……………………….and start thinking about it how your activities can produce something that is worthwhile and not how your work will only feed a very sick nation with such pictures and announcements!

You have the solution but you are not able to make use of it, because the money and the readiness of talking are missing worldwide.

The common denominator of the world is also apparently missing or maybe you cannot recognize him!

The race around the daily bread belongs in fact on the round table; yet finally then for those full fed societies and not always only for the poorest people of the poor!

And know we come to the point of this writing:

Please, go directly to the responsible party with your very valuable film material.

Please, think of the language translations; go for example to the White House or directly to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development or to the billionaires, when you please, include this writing correspondingly linguistically correctly translated.

(The German writing is also in circulation and probably better to translate.)

Please, place on record about the conversation should it will be proved negatively. Please, take a witness and take note of the conversation, the name of your interlocutor, the place and date.

Should the tide have turned, what already is in the offing, at first my person will see to it, that your information will be checked and then my person is going to indicate the direction for the so-called persons responsible concerning the race about the daily bread!

There are already old letters available written by mine, which deal with a so-called “World Economy System“ or better, with the World Speculation System.

In the same way possibly I will put one thing on the top and will send a further letter to the International World Banks.

Too, in the same course one should know that the number of billionaires has duplicated itself, where by 1 billion euros or dollars are 1000 million euros or maybe dollars and the number of millionaires as well as multimillionaires has increased in accordance.

So it doesn’t go one any  longer…

The common denominator should undertake my above-mentioned task one day, nevertheless as long as I lead these businesses, however that fun will have an end!

Where to I will hit, there should grow no grass anymore,(German phrase) however you please, may immediately should worry about it, that the livestock is reduced to a quarter as in the TV programme of ZDF “Adventure Knowing” (Abenteuer Wissen) has been suggested and established, but then the remaining rest of livestock will be fed exclusively by nature feeding; that means outdoors in the meadows!

A compensation payment is only transferred to small and middle classes companies and farmers. All others are involved automatically in the costs of environmental damages.

For sufficient work and places of work has been taken care by that measure, also because the production has to become reorganized  in views of a survival-fight.(( ---

Writings are ready for you telling you as you should act and must act furthermore concerning the feeding of the sick nations by your film materials, what is perhaps very difficult to understand, but it can be very important and decisive for the  lavivrus-thgif.((---`

I do hope that you still will hear from me.

               On behalf of                Ursula Sabisch

HP: That no misunderstandings come up: Everybody who is able to recognize this chance should be more than only thankful even if “hunger because sharing of food" and "drawing a lesson from the state" is the word!

30. April 2011