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Das Weltkulturerbe - The World-Cultural-Heritage


Luebeck, Ursula Sabisch, 18.02.2018


Of course, Everyone should put his own House in Order first!


The German language statement is linked here:

The fact that there are not only losers like in the Third- and the Fourth World, but directly in our families or regions of our own country, may not be overlooked, because, finally, the whole world economy system is an extremely questionable implementation of trade, traffic and banking transactions and by that always the stronger one can become even stronger and therefore the weaker one compulsory must become weaker and weaker as a result!

Also the sharp one always becomes advantaged and then the silly-minded one bears the disadvantage.

Of course everyone should put his own house in order first, like in a capitalistic country as e. g. in the FRG or in the USA in cases where people can freeze to death as homeless people or fall ill seriously by a defective quality of life and can die.

Nevertheless, the lion's share must be invested by the governors of the money in the present developing countries at what an investment must always yield a real "profit distribution" for all partners equally!

January 2018

HP: Notices: The situation is different with the lazy people and the diligent people, what can be also valid for a whole country and its population!! !

Please let this statement be translated in many languages and be handed over to the corresponding persons.


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