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Das Weltkulturerbe - The World-Cultural-Heritage

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If you have survived the Corona virus and like to travel, then you should pack your suitcases!


Information for every Tourist.......


Every traveller can bring back somewhat of his trip, what has a high value also for others. However, besides, nobody may forget and every traveller should be reminded of the fact, that every trip goes at the expenses of other people and at the expenses of the environment!

There are absolutely many unforgettable and interesting travel experiences, which are arisen on site by the bicycle or as a pedestrian. Thus one comes in contact with the locals and gets to know and understands truthfully the culture of foreign and distant countries. Everybody can make a note of his impressions and experience to circulate this information, what proves a sense in contrast to the reminiscent photos.

Particularly a trip becomes payable, if one lays claim to a healthy circulation of the whole life and can offer therefore future-oriented improvement suggestions!

For it not alone a visitors' book is there, but for it there are worldwide embassies, which must have a competence and an alert eye for every country!

So and not differently looks like the real world cultural heritage and exactly for this reason the set of tools was left the whole humanity, what will have at least two sides and with certainty also will entail dangers!

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