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Restructuring EARTH



Ursula Sabisch, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To all

Labour Offices of the FRG 


Luebeck, Friday, 6 August 2004

Free English translation on 29 September 2021.


Please distribute to unemployed men, pensioners and early retirees!

The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Sirs! Dear Readers!

Yesterday, as so often, my person went on a recreational trip to the forest. On the forest site "Am Rittbrook" my person had to notice again that felled tree trunks were lying there and simply rotting.

From the plantings that are present between the tree trunks lying together, I could see that these tree trunks have been lying fallow in the forest for several years and some of them will only be usable as firewood.

Likewise, the wood, such as small branches and bushes, lies fallow in a criss-cross manner, so that certain rotting diseases can spread and reach the still healthy trees.

Now, my person does not have sufficient knowledge of forestry and forest management, but this much my person would like to and should tell you; you are letting an essential foundation go to waste, which gives off a very great security.

All the wood material that visibly grows on the earth, and just as the usual materials and raw materials that are mined or robbed from the earth can dry up or be used up, are trees, or rather wood is a factor that can be calculated in terms of quantity and, above all, through the replanting of trees, a secure supplier of material that can also outlast coming generations.

Forestry and silviculture are linked to a lot of basic knowledge; a forester, for example, will have to include the animal world of the forest in his area of responsibility, as he will also have to have knowledge that includes pests and low-pest control, fungi and other tree diseases.

A certain arrangement of tree planting of the most diverse tree species is certainly another basis as well as the fact that trees are an important supplier of oxygen and belong primarily in the ecological cycle.

Trees also provide a livelihood and shelter for special bird species, but above all, wood will be the basic building material or the building material of the future, especially as far as housing construction is concerned, because wood breathes and is therefore important for the well-being of people and can also adapt to the outside temperatures, but unfortunately has one major disadvantage, which does not cover up the advantages: wood is combustible.

Likewise, shipbuilding should be converted exclusively to wood, as should the entire production of furniture and much more.

Another great advantage of this building material is that wood can be transported in part by river or sea as rafts in a cost-saving and environmentally friendly way.

The required growth conditions and the reproduction of the forest stands through soil fertilisation is automatically achieved by means of the falling leaves or shedding needles, where only rarely does the soil need an additional fertiliser.

However, low-pollution air or sufficient oxygen or pollutant-free rain is the precondition for healthy growth, so that instead of the car industry, bicycle dealers will experience a boom.

For these extensive tasks of the various professions, men are needed who have an interest in the continued existence of the forests and who like to work in the fresh air.            

A forester will know that quietness is the most important thing in a forest, also for the breeding animals or for the game population, so that work will no longer be done with noisy chainsaws or motor vehicles and other alternatives will have to be found, such as an axe in the forest and the horse and cart.

Men are also needed for the job as a woodcutter to replace a noisy chainsaw, as otherwise the entire wildlife population could be harmed and the continued existence of the forests would continue to be cleared without any great effort.

Since you currently have many unemployed men at your disposal, but there is no money in the coffers, will you please employ men who have an interest in these future-oriented fields of work, who will receive appropriate training for little pay through practice, which includes theoretical basics, which could also be taught by volunteer, experienced pensioners or also by volunteer experts from the field.

A practical introduction to this matter by expert teaching staff for the theoretical part is needed, whereby everyone will have to do a lot for little money during this transitional period, but in return everyone will create a secure job with reasonable earnings prospects.

Sooner or later, everyone else will have to work for a very low wage in order to secure a decent job.

The professions of the entire wood and medows forestry and agriculture and foresty are again up to date, so that many male youths will also get a secure apprenticeship and job.

Several letters have already been received for the construction of houses and the arrangement of the associated allotments.

Again, men and apprentices are needed for the construction and implementation of the entire restructuring, at what stone cottages may also be constructed by masonry.

My person strongly advises you to be obedient and set the men first and then the male youths sensibly on their feet.

For the girls and women, the profession of a dressmaker,  designer* or sewist is on the rise again, as the dress issue has now also become a social problem, so that small children have also become irritable in this respect.

In future, please keep girls' and boys' professions strictly separate, just like the relationship of superiors, which must first be determined by age, suitability and then by gender.

As a matter of principle, a woman has no business in a management position and certainly not to find a man there; the only exception that may exist is my person.

Even if a woman is twice as good as a man who is also suitable and qualified, a woman has to vacate the position at this difficult time and possibly demote herself as an assistant.

This can only be done smoothly if a really suitable superior can be found and must be found who fulfils the requirements that my person has already laid down in writing.

A true general female practitioner can also be a leader in this case, although only very few of today's female doctors can demonstrate a vocation for their work.

A true teacher can and must be a leader exclusively for the children, just as, for example, a religious sister can.

All other professions always require a man at the top.

A kindergarten director can be a female leader in this transitional period as long as there will be kindergartens until they will be on record.

Every mother will have to take on the job as a housewife, with the duty of supervision and education for her children alone on weekdays.

There will be no lack of work and tasks for a housewife in the future, as electricity**, all power plants and sound waves will have to be dismantled, because the safety factor, the Monumental-Area, will always have to have priority, as will a clean and sufficient oxygen supply to the atmosphere, among other things, without chemical, electromagnetic or nuclear additives.

Please take these versions of the future more than seriously and see to it that they are implemented without delay, especially for the sake of the unemployed men, because the future versions of today's film-makers do not please me at all!

 P. p.  Empress

By the way, a forester is allowed to lead a hunting dog, but not to understand it as a mate, but as a hunting animal that has to be used for order and cleanliness!       


Of course, this restructuring will flow into the possible fairy tale, but there must be a certain structure and foundation so that everything harmonises together.               ________________________________________

But now we come to energy generation, which must only be used in conjunction with and covered by a very safe and large dome, so that this energy cannot escape into the atmosphere, as if a dome were built for a nuclear power station. ......             


See : ** Heating (

*Document checked on 29 September 2021.