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Das Weltkulturerbe - The World-Cultural-Heritage

Rent Index


Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck

To the ........ Property Agency Service

And Environment GmbH

20097 HH


Luebeck, 3/14/2018




Rent Index  HL in 2018 – Worldwide

Main tenant female or owner female / Main tenant or owner?

Please let that German language document be translated in many languages and be handed over to the right persons.

Free translation

Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Enclosed you and other people get the rent index of a plain and normal German citizen for the flat in the Ear Field 15, in HL.

Because I would not like to scare or shock you needlessly, now my person writes in this allowed connection these lines, which are true on the one hand but one the other hand have got an incredibly seriousness, which never has been there before!

Though my person has remained a relatively modest person and till this day a very normal person, also as a German born, however, and now there will be hell to pay:

Who is here, actually, the main tenant and female main tenant and who is here on earth, actually, the owner or female owner??

Now this are the determining questions to be able to answer of the end time in the nuclear age and to be able to answer these questions, my person recommends her various homepages in the matter and commission of our all Lord and Creator.

E. g. :

A worth living future will be able to be allowed of course only, if with priority the Owner is on easy street and according to the main tenant of ours actually nice world.

Unfortunately, a possible seizure of power of the whole universe of the all highest spheres coming threatens, which shall be identified rather as a living High-tech and will be equipped meanwhile with some layers as a sort of female queen (Red spheres gigantic cock)).

Now this proceeds for a long time in this kind and manner and progresses absolutely.

My person, who hopefully not will become the new owner, separate officially will remain the only one main tenant, what she seems to become already long time ago, now writes the very last final call to the HH in this form and appeals for action and  at the beginning it is about a suitable villa in the street Nice View No. … whereby my person would like to take for her property. In this way everything must be paid like utilities and direct costs of this villa by the city of HH, because the pocket money of my person and thus something more keeps waiting!!!

In town I will have to make a use of a certain job in the switchboard of the house of Joha … as a** (this offer is out of the question now but my person will be able to do the job at home in villa HH))  part-time work for the transition period up to the upcoming world- trip- time to be able to direct the whole matter as a sort of manager into the right channels.

Everything still is in the accordingly right window of opportunity, whereat my person might make sure at the beginning of the week within a unique opportunity!

I am a plain person and able to integrate well myself into a situation, however, to the contrary my person meanwhile demands very high standards of other people and does wish that the given bases of all documents of my person, which are not to be found exclusively, however primarily in Internet, are going to checked  properly at the right place (King J., Emperor D.?, "thinkers" worldwide) and are discussed if necessary stealthily, however, or quickly are implemented.

At last, besides, it is about the Owner of the whole universe, with all what belongs to HIM, that is what you do not forget or mistake better, because thereby the whole humanity, the past and the future can be protected or can get lost and are bound at right place or at wrong place!

In the enclosure I add another writing, which please must be handed over to the right institutions and to the right person in HH!

Thus I remain, Yours sincerely

Ursula Sabisch


** Checked in Nov. 12th 2018


Forms and 1 Document


** 12. Nov. 2018 Document changed and revised.

Last Monday, through certain possibilities, my person was able to recognize with certainty that the time pressure had become enormous and that the business plans had to be drawn up and implemented without the earth being exploited even more as a result!

The World-Cultural-Shock